What you do while procrastinating is what you should be doing for work.

I read that somewhere while procrastinating, and it rings completely true. My time-substituting vice? I spend a lot of time on technology sites. From space science to consumer electronics, I take it in en masse. In fact, it’s almost embarrassing how informed I am about the field. Almost. Yet this can be an opportunity for us all.

No, I’m not going to tell you what new smartphone you must use, or how marketing simply has to reference a recent discovery. There’s plenty of highly competent people you can refer for those debates.

Instead, we can use this information to find ways to remain at the “bleeding edge” (no blood will be spilled) and help find unique ways to best serve CU members. Better engagement strategies, more profit opportunities, and organizational planning regimes can be found in the most unrelated of topics.

What the heck am I talking about?

Ok, take the recent discovery of a rocky exoplanet that’s 17 times the mass of our beloved Earth. That’s really big when it comes to spinning rocks. In fact, it’s so big that scientists didn’t think it could exist. Our current understanding says it should have become a gas giant, like Neptune. But it didn’t.

Within your credit union, it tells us that thinking “too big” on an initiative can surprise everyone. We only expand our understanding (and belief) when we encounter something that redefines it. So, go big, go unique, even if a traditionalist says it cannot be done.

Like this blog. It’s probably one of the only CU/technology discussions of its kind. Is that bad? Good? Absolutely crazy?

Who is this for?

You! And the CIO; they’ll enjoy a different outlook in their language. And the CEO; they like being told what to do (just kidding!). And your marketing team; the great ones I’ve met are always keeping their eyes peeled for an opportunity to go wild.

Future posts will grow out of the news I read while I’m, um, working. And where will it go? Let’s find out!