If you’re a follower of the tech world, it’s likely you have heard about the announcements by Amazon for an upcoming event. The press and interested party gathering will be held this Wednesday in Seattle, WA. Of course, whenever a company of their stature teases a release, the rumor mill goes into overdrive: A new phone, a flying car, manned mission to Neptune? Each story seems to get more outlandish.

However, they are talking…and you’ll be hard pressed to navigate a tech (or typical news) website without seeing “Amazon event” plastered throughout. There’s an air of mystery and excitement that is nearly palpable, and Amazon is not shy to embrace it. In fact, what they did earlier today nearly drove the reporters insane. Instead of the anticipated follow-up teaser for the event (for attendees), they mailed out a children’s book with a letter from Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, explaining how it was his favorite book as a kid. While thanking registrants for their interest, he also described how being unique is a challenging, but important, endeavor (akin to the moral of the story).

Two days ago, the industry was positive Amazon would be releasing a 3D smartphone of some sort. Now, all they can talk about is the typeface and color scheme in his letter, and the intricacies of the story he attached. With one unexpected gesture, Amazon moved the conversation from specs to ideas.

Your members will always connect better with your culture and ideas than they will with “no-fee checking” or other specifications easily replicated at other institutions. Embrace that culture to create a buzz of your own. Just stay away from announcing a manned planetary mission; that’s probably a bit premature.

(Photo of book/invite by <re/code>)