Or maybe you were. Really, it’s all about expectations. For your members, your employees, and even your staff.

We all have in-built expectations for nearly every situation encountered. You arrive at a store and expect to have a representative helpfully guide you to the preferred department. However, another person’s expectations is to never talk to anyone…to shop in peace.

How can we meet both of these extremes, as well as everything in-between?

Sorry, you can’t. Ok, not exactly. But you can create results which satisfy nearly everybody.

In today’s connected world, would it be fair to say we all want everything RIGHT NOW! or, even, FIVE MINUTES AGO!

How many people do you know who operate in this fashion? I’ll admit; sometimes I get that way as well. Ever find yourself trying to finish one last thing on your computer before stepping out, and, of course, it starts to hang? “Of course it does. Thanks a lot. Now hurry up!”

The experience you provide through all of your member venues should never cause that type of reaction. We love credit unions, and your members likely do too, though they still see it as a tool in their life, not a destination in itself. A restaurant franchise used to promote their take out services with a slogan of “Get in. Get out. Get on with your life.”

How are you providing everything your members expect and need (whether they realize it or not)? Does your pre-approval tool provide near-instant answers? Can it be accessed through mobile? What does it take to check online banking? Again, can I sign in, perform common tasks (what are those?), and be done in under 2 minutes?

Yes, some expectations are of technologies: Mobile check deposit, online bill pay, instant pre-approval, “good as cash” share draft from the member’s own computer, etc.

What else are you doing to make your CU stand out and exceed expectations? We’ve seen handwritten thank you cards alongside new accounts (and loans), personal phone calls to welcome members, and even complimentary coffee in the branch.

At the end of the day, you’re holding their money. So can dozens of other institutions. Besides loyalty, how are you making their experience pleasantly memorable?

Image credit: Christos Giakkas from Pixabay.