Are you planning to go geek this September?

There’s a Florida CUSO which has been doing just that for the past two years…and you’re invited! Get your ideas flowing and your geek (in whatever area!) going at PSCU’s KnockOut events. Held in three separate regions across the country (because great ideas come from all over), these gatherings are inspired by the all-night hackathons held by computer programmers. Credit union executives and experts from all areas will work together in large collaborations to devise new strategies to benefit the entire credit union industry.

What will you be doing? Well, gather your Red Bull, mix your favorite playlist, and start rocking some innovative mind sparks. Because it goes all night.

So instead of getting some unsatisfying tease on here, go read the press release and register today!

Full Disclosure: I have nothing to do with it. 🙂 But their slogan is, “Float like a butterfly. Sting like a geek.” Therefore, they are awesome.

Image shamelessly swiped from the KnockOut information page: