Have you ever been in a situation where someone describes how you are thinking more perfectly than you could ever imagine? A real pulse of your thoughts, if you will. During routine geek internet investigations, I encountered words which gave that picture-perfect EKG, to take the pun a bit further. Keynoting the GeekWire Awards in Seattle back in May of last year, Spencer Rascoff, CEO of Zillow (if you’ve looked for a home online, that’s the site) and high-ranking geek gave a college-graduation-worthy speech glorifying our “outside the code” mindset.

Others have said we are all geeks in something. Love football, and can spout out all the pertinent stats for your fantasy team? You’re a geek. Follow every turn of fashion, from the who’s-wearing-whom to the faux pas of the industry? Geek. Do you quote every line of Finding Nemo while acting out the majority of the scenes in a post-modernistic aquatic realm? Guess what? I’m a geek.

It’s empowering loving something enough to learn it in such depth (“just keep swimming!”). And it is never something to be embarrassed by, to push aside when “cool kids” (no matter your age) pass. Chances are, they are geeks of something else, and are insecure enough to put you down instead of embracing it. I don’t know football stats, though I enjoy watching the game. However, watching with someone who does (and respects that not everyone else shares the same interests) is awesome. Who knew that running back played for the opponent 3 years ago, and, while there, had a 2 yard per carry lower average? Change did them well.

So while we aren’t all geeks in the same area, I pity those who are not geeks at all. The ones who have no curiosity for anything, no drive to memorize player stats, lyrics to songs, quotes in films, the operational capacity of a Constellation-class starship (535 crew, by the way).

My apologies, as I got a bit carried away…all this geek talk is exciting! I’d like to cap it off by sharing with you Spencer Rascoff’s speech at the GeekWire Awards. The video is below, or you may view the transcript. And embrace the different. Be the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers. “Because”, to quote the famous Apple ad, “the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”