Before, this was just a site. Now, it’s official! Credit Union Geek has a logo!

Many of you reading are marketers. Since you’re sitting there thinking, “ooh, ooh, I know where this is going!” I’ll kindly ask for you to hold your comments to the end. Do contribute, though!

Creating a logo is a special task. Sure, a campaign has custom media, though it may only be used for a specific timeframe. They change, evolve, and are expected to remain fresh. Think of a good logo. How often does that change? Even multi-national companies exercise care in freshening it too much. Car brands are good examples, since that visual is how you know it’s a Toyota and not a Hyundai. Imagine if Chevrolet made a new logo every year…you would be hard pressed to recognize their cars! Not good marketing when potential customers stare your product in the face and don’t know it’s yours.

So campaigns can (and should) evolve. Logos? Not so much.

The word “logo” stems from the Ancient Greek term for “the word”. Pretty immutable, wouldn’t you think?

Not wanting to disappoint the ancient Greeks, I ventured upon creating a logo which visually represented, well, me. Working with a designer referred by a mutual networking companion (hooray young professional groups and Facebook!), we drafted a number of ideas around the following concepts: Clean, mostly monochrome, professional, playful, and visible at all sizes.

You know the old, “first instinct is best”? Should have listened. Three revision cycles later, we looked at the gaudy, unrecognizable, detailed, and colorful designs and thought, “hey, what was that original one again?” We went back, cleaned up some rough lines, adjusted fonts, shadowing, and sizing, and we were done.

The final product looks like it will stand the test of time. It’s not trying to fit any current trends; glasses will always be recognizable, and who doesn’t associate a bow tie with one totally awesome geek? You may also notice that the glasses spell C U G. Deliberate.

I’m thrilled with the result, and I hope you are as well. May all your designs carry a timeless quality and universal recognition!

Note: If you would like to work with this designer on your own branding, feel free to contact me for his information. I receive no compensation for referrals.