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A White Glove Experience…For Everyone!

“Welcome back, Ms. Williams. Would you like your usual?”

How does it feel to be remembered? Pretty nice, right? It’s just one idea behind fantastic service. If you’ve ever been at a high-end hotel, think about the greeter. They make a point of recalling each guest, their destination, purpose of visit, and more.

It’s tough in today’s world of rapid turnover and high volume. However, like chivalry, it still lives. The best part? Technology can help, not hinder, your efforts.

The majority of your members visit the credit union virtually, through the website or your mobile app. Good thing computers have wonderful memory and impeccable style (every Terminator I’ve met was…ok, not the greatest example). Instead of world domination, let’s teach them the ways of a seasoned concierge!

When a member reaches your website, chances are, they’ve been there before. If they have, your system should know. It’s called a cookie, and no, has nothing to do with the chocolate chip ones from this past holiday. This cookie represents digital breadcrumbs, which has nothing to do with bread.

Ok, my analogies are slacking today. A cookie is a file placed on your computer so a web server can recognize you upon return. Does Gmail remember you between visits? Cookie. Can Amazon suggest products based on your browsing history? Cookie. There’s no barrier to using this same methodology for your site.

“We don’t allow persistent logins due to security concerns.” Smart thinking, and there’s no reason to change. Take a look at your arch nemesis, Bank of America. Their site knows if you want personal or business banking as well as your state of residence. If it can remember those points, it can recall more.

What if your site knew each member as they arrived, plus gave intelligent suggestions on applicable promotions or advice? A simple system could tailor the site for a returning member through elimination of Join as a Member and other related links. A more sophisticated implementation might recognize the member specifically (no access to banking info without login) and wish them a happy anniversary or congrats on maintaining a zero credit card balance. Marketing can also embrace and guide members along a customized path for auto loans, mortgages, or other promoted and pertinent services.

I’m sure you’re nailing the personalized service in branch. Now it’s time to use the technology available and do the same online!

Image credit (cropped for fit): https://www.flickr.com/photos/silverfuture/4382421802/


  1. John Hyche

    Great observations. Particularly when you consider the relative ease with which the technology can be adapted to a “service with a smile” configuration. Add that to great service in the real world and you attain a consistent member experience across all channels – the Nirvana that everyone hopes to attain.

    • Joe Winn

      Thanks for your comments, John! You nailed the point of the post: Service online should match the best you can offer in your branch. 15 years ago, I would have agreed that the cost and technical know-how to do so was prohibitive. Today? Much less so. Look forward to hearing your input on other articles!

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