Regular readers may remember that I participated in the runDisney Princess Enchanted 10K. It was a fabulous event, despite the cold temperatures and early start time. After that race, my running partner and I committed to even more…a half marathon, hosted by Disney once again, in November. We are signed up, and just finished our first “dress rehearsal” training run. Covering over 14 miles of south Florida terrain (a half marathon is 13.1 miles), we learned another meaning of endurance.

When the weather is nice, it’s to the outside we go. However, our normal training is indoors, on a treadmill. Bor-ing. There, you are painfully aware of every milestone. I begin to measure based on other people’s workouts. “The guy in the black shirt has finished three sets…guess I’ve gone another half mile. The girl on the sit up machine is nearly through all the angles…half mile, perhaps?” Or, you have the TVs, with terrible news, a cooking show, and some soap opera. At least give me some reruns of Stargate SG-1, you know! Headphones make it better, but music becomes a distraction, not an activity.

The half marathon distance eliminates these challenges. It’s not like we were going to even bother doing it on a treadmill! We ran to a nearby park, circled part of it, and rounded back home. On this route, we watched the model airplanes being flown, cheered on those playing disc golf, and people-watched at the grocery store, along the foot paths, and more.

We were focused on everything around us and still working towards acomplishing our goal. In fact, by being less focused on our distance, we were more easily able to achieve it!

Same goes for your credit union. You’ve got monthly, quarterly, and annual goals. Do you hover over them like a hawk? Or, do you understand what they are, then “forget” and do your best to serve your members?

On a long run, you cannot see your finish line. It’s there, but so far away. So, instead of squinting and searching the whole time, enjoy what’s around you. Before you know it, you’re traversing the final quarter mile, exceeding your lending goals, and looking success right in the face!

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