Film buffs and baseball fans recognize the reference made in the title. Maybe they are picturing Kevin Costner standing in the cornfield as legends of the game walk onto the infield. “If you build it…” You know the rest.

Too bad it’s only the magic of the movies. I’ve tried. Babe Ruth never walked onto our childhood sandlot. But then again, we didn’t build the field, only enjoyed making some plays. I wonder what happens if I built the starship Enterprise

Did you know our company composed a white paper delving into credit union auto loan challenges? Yep, and we built it. On its own, though, no one came.

We spread the word in (how else?) crazy ways. Only then did a few people trickle past our work. More came with exposure, publicity, and significant effort on our part.

You put time, money, and long days (maybe nights) into creating programs your members will love. You built it. No one knows. Until you begin a focused marketing and referral effort. I’ve seen gorgeous landing pages on sites, marketing services which the members would embrace, yet they are buried so deep in the navigation, Google’s own bot would give up.

Create your own “Credit Union of Dreams”. “If we build it, our members will come once we develop and implement unified marketing and member referral strategies that serve to guide them towards a single goal, no matter their origin.”

Ah, I can see the movie poster now.

Disclosure: It’s true. We do have industry white papers and ebooks. If you are curious about some of them, feel free to take a look.

Disclosure 2: Image from 1989 film, Field of Dreams. Source: