The media drives me crazy. And I don’t mean the media players on my computer (Will it play this format? Duh, should have used VLC). If you follow any subject in the news, for any length of time, then you’ll feel that same desire for authenticity. When did the drive for clicks and ad impressions outdo the motivation for accurate reporting (at every phase, including headline…I’m looking at you, original “yellow journalists”)?

A credit union industry publication once called me an “industry watchdog”. Woof woof! (Is that what watchdogs say? I’m a cat person.) It’s time for me to take my assigned role and run with it!

Today, I’m introducing a new category to my blog called CUbit. Why yes, I am referencing the Biblical form of measurement equal to around 46 centimeters, how did you know? 46 centimeters isn’t a great distance, about one and a half feet. So, arms length.

Is it also a play on words? Naturally! You may notice the resemblance to qubit, a quantum bit that’s used to measure computing capacity on quantum computers.

And, of course, CU represents you, credit unions! Posts with the CUbit tag will be short, outside schedule blasts on trending (or soon-to-be trending) media topics of interest to the industry.

The first CUbit? Hacking a Tesla Model S. Well, that’s what TIME says. The reality is that some good guys with mad computer skills (they’re known as “white hats”, while bad guys are “black hats”) plugged their laptop into a Model S (yes, with a cord) and were able to override the main computer. They could do anything a normal person would do in a normal vehicle…change speed, open the moonroof, shut off the motor, etc. But not without a really long cord, because their system only worked with a wire.


Again, not really. The security issue was reported to Tesla, who already has a fix in place and will be sending it out to every car wirelessly tonight (Thursday). So by the time you read exaggerated articles about this issue, the cars will already be fixed.

Hacked Tesla? Yes and no. Can yours be remotely controlled? No. Is the issue widespread? No, it’s fixed. Was there an update necessary? Yes, though Tesla planned ahead with wireless updates while the car is charging in your garage.

So, false crisis averted, new category created, and you’ve finished the first CUbit! Thank you for your continued readership and support. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

Update: TIME has updated their article to elucidate the points made above. Kudos to their editing. A shake of the head to them for ever posting the original version.