Isn’t it great when someone else does the hard work?

You may not have heard of them, but there is a small organization helping support the credit union mission.  I think their name is an acronym, CU…CUNA, I believe?  Yes, that’s it.  CUNA.  Oh, they’re not small?  In any form?  No wonder they do so much for credit unions nationwide!

As part of their myriad efforts, CUNA conducted the 2015-2016 National Member & Nonmember Survey, polling individuals of all ages on a range of topics.  Since this is a CUbit short-form post, I want to keep it focused on the key points.  However, I advise you to review all the findings and incorporate them into your operations at every level.

Essential Take-Aways:

  • 43% of members prefer e-mail as primary contact (18-24 prefer it by a two-to-one margin)
  • 29% of 18-30 year old members never visit the branch (35% visit once per month)
  • 2% of members prefer newsletters as primary contact medium (Translation: 98% don’t)
  • Younger members look to electronic solutions, older, to paper and in-person (but this will shift as the years go on)

Read through the full results from CUNA.