What’s better than blue-green waves lapping on a sandy beach? Experiencing it all with a dedicated group of credit union professionals!

I’m here on Ft. Lauderdale beach (the Marriott Harbor Beach, to be precise) with the Trellance team as hosts to immersion18, their newly (re)launched conference. Is their new name resonating with credit union attendees? Well, they’re absolutely immersed and excitedly sharing their experiences, challenges, and solutions. So, yeah, it’s going just fine.

And it’s not just CU people who shared their wisdom. Ever watch that little show called “Shark Tank”? The People’s Shark, Daymond John himself told an audio/video story of his life, from the lowest lows to where he is today. It wasn’t all “destiny”, “right place at the right time”, or any of that. He put in the work. He put in the time. And he learned about his target audience before offering anything to them. I’m sure credit unions have nothing to learn from that experience.

Attendees locked down their devices as Theresa Payton, former White House CIO and current star of CBS show “Hunted”, explained the challenges of cyber security. I’m sure she used our friend’s friend to figure out our security questions, anyway. Bottom line: Security is hard. And there’s a lot of ways to improve it for your own organization as well as for your users (read: members).

Other topics discussed? Blockchain (no, it’s not Bitcoin). Digital media marketing. Dark web (let’s say they “shined the light” into that part of the internet…I crack myself up). Much more.

I’ll provide a complete roundup after the conference completes. Now, I’ve got to get back for the big celebration! Last year, they had a mind reader. What’s going to be the surprise tonight?