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My Ultimate Guide To Helping Members In Distress (Audio Post)

Update: The Resolution, and Some Great Lessons

Our hosting provider provided the damaged files (thus, that development site is back) and admitted fault in the issue. Below is a 2nd audio post where I show the other side of customer service and explain what in the world happened (even if you’re not a techie, it’s still pretty wild). Super short summary: It was the polar opposite of that first, critical interaction. And they managed to not blame me the whole time!

Listen while I share the rest of the tale. With some great customer service examples! Note, it goes for 5 minutes.

Original post: Listen First

When things go wrong with computers, they always seem to go big. I bet you have some repressed memories of digital challenges. Given I have had a computer on my desk since I was 5, there are many I definitely blocked out by now.

But this post isn’t about the computer portion. It’s about the service portion. Namely, how to do it right, by experiencing it done wrong. Really, really, wrong.

The audio is about 4:30, and I get that’s a bit long, but it’s worth the listen. If you’re in a crunch, the advice comes in at around 3:30. You’re missing lots of great content, but I want to respect your time!

I would tell the story here, but since it’s sharing advice on how to deal with customers over the phone, hearing for yourself is the best path.


  1. Cynthia

    I totally connect with this issue-something goes wrong and the customer service rep does not empathize with the customer. Wrong. And worse, acts like it is the customer’s “fault” that the problem exists. Wrong again. The message being sent by the “offending” company: we just don’t care. Can we now say: two wrongs don’t make a right?

    • Joe Winn

      Thank you for your comment! You make a great point: Empathize with your customer. Period. It doesn’t matter where the fault is. In that moment, you work with the customer to make it right. Putting the blame on someone already stressed does precisely zero good.
      Thankfully, there was a positive resolution to this whole charade (that development site is restored), and I’ll be updating everyone with the full story (there are responses from them I have not yet read).
      – Joe

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