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What Would Your Members Say?

Originally published on CUInsight.com

Imagine a room filled with your members. All of them. Ones who have made your credit union their primary financial institution and those who hardly know you exist. Offer each a blank index card.

A third grade teacher in Denver did this exercise with her students. What was asked of them? To write down what they wished their teacher knew about their lives. They could add their name or leave it anonymous.

Surprising truths flowed. One explained how homework was challenging because they didn’t have pencils at home. Another lamented delays in getting their mom’s signature on school forms because they didn’t see her often.

It was a moving exercise, and offered valuable, if heartbreaking, advice to the teacher.

Before getting back to the credit union talk, let’s make it clear: Teachers like her are doing important work and should be recognized/compensated as such.

Do you see how this exercise could be of value for your credit union? If you handed out index cards to all your members, what would be written?

When I’m teaching martial arts classes, I often ask a student what someone will do if they use a certain move. “I don’t know,” is a fair answer. How can you be sure of their reaction? Well, you do that technique, and see their response!

What will your members wish you knew? Well, you ask! We read articles daily about how to connect with Millenials (Gen Y). Like everyone else, they want a say. They want a deliberate effort to engage, not a new promotion or product.

Connect and learn. What if it became an industry effort? Say, using social media under the hashtag #OurMembersWish. Now that’s @asmarterchoice I can support.

There’s a fantastic TED Talk describing one way to get into a mission, rather than product, centric, mode of thinking with a process called Golden Circle. You’ll recognize it in use with companies like Apple and Harley Davidson, in people like Elon Musk, as well as every non-profit you know.

The index cards? Yeah, they’re in that supply closet, just down the hall. Grab a bunch.

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A Change in Perspective

I’m a Florida guy, through and through. It’s what I know, where I’m most in my element. Is that holding me back?

This blog is being written from the outskirts of Williamsburg, VA. I am in town to see my adorable nephew and his wise parents. While here, I have had the opportunity to experience some amazing sights: the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, where my geek flag flew highest amongst the roomfuls of assorted minerals, meteorites, and historical replicas of other objects contributing to science. Elsewhere, I stood beneath the Space Shuttle Discovery, which I had the privilege of observing for one of its final launches. I passed the Capitol Building, White House, and other seats of government that I only knew from news clips. Now it’s all real, and different. No less amazing, yet the veneer of illusion has been erased, replaced by a more honest and thoughtful perspective.

If a change in latitude was sufficient to provide me a different outlook on these places and ideas, what could we do with a change in mindset in our own businesses?

Make a point to approach the typical in a new way. Perhaps sit at a different desk today, hold your briefing in a different conference room, or swap responsibilities with someone else. Whatever it takes to offer that unique outlook. You never know what realizations or ideas stem from the act!

Of course, you won’t get to play with a super-smart and happy 1-year old.

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