Hear ye, hear ye my fellow CU Geek readers!  On this day, at approximately 25 minutes ago, there did conclude a glorious gathering.  Consisting of credit unions, the foundation keeping everyone connected (National CU Foundation), and other interested parties, a great battle ensued.

Well, not exactly a battle.  More of a conversation.  But it was a gathering!  Today at 4:00 p.m. Eastern, The Foundation held a Twitter chat under hashtag #foundationchat.  With Back to School timing, it aimed to discuss the roles credit unions have in their local school districts.  And, more importantly, with the students of those many classrooms.  How can the credit unions each play a role in creating a generation of higher financial literacy?

First, an apology.  The idea of the CUbit category was to get word out on these types of things quickly.  I dropped the ball on it.  Guess I’m still learning, too!  While participating and reading the many wonderful responses, the thought of sharing here never arose.  Next time that will not occur.  You’ll know ahead of time.

So what good is knowing about it after the fact?  Almost as much as knowing two hours ago.  Really!  The Foundation will be sharing the roundup in a single website, so you can see every response coupled with the questions asked.  Until then, however, there’s still a way.  If you use the #foundationchat as a search (or click that link), you can see every post on Twitter related to the discussion.  Think of it like flying backwards in time.  See what many credit unions are doing, then get in touch to find out how you can add to your already wonderful programs!

CUbit out!