I’m a Florida guy, through and through. It’s what I know, where I’m most in my element. Is that holding me back?

This blog is being written from the outskirts of Williamsburg, VA. I am in town to see my adorable nephew and his wise parents. While here, I have had the opportunity to experience some amazing sights: the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, where my geek flag flew highest amongst the roomfuls of assorted minerals, meteorites, and historical replicas of other objects contributing to science. Elsewhere, I stood beneath the Space Shuttle Discovery, which I had the privilege of observing for one of its final launches. I passed the Capitol Building, White House, and other seats of government that I only knew from news clips. Now it’s all real, and different. No less amazing, yet the veneer of illusion has been erased, replaced by a more honest and thoughtful perspective.

If a change in latitude was sufficient to provide me a different outlook on these places and ideas, what could we do with a change in mindset in our own businesses?

Make a point to approach the typical in a new way. Perhaps sit at a different desk today, hold your briefing in a different conference room, or swap responsibilities with someone else. Whatever it takes to offer that unique outlook. You never know what realizations or ideas stem from the act!

Of course, you won’t get to play with a super-smart and happy 1-year old.