Your new favorite hashtag (you didn’t forget what those are, right?)

Writing posts on here and sharing them is great.  But it’s one-way.  Sure, you can comment (and you should!), but it’s not a conversation.  For that, we need immediacy.  If only there were some technology to enable it.  Enter: #CUQandA Twitter Chats!

What Is It

Twitter chats are live conversations, where any number of interested parties can connect in a low-pressure environment (no dress code required!).  Each one will focus on questions timely to the industry as a whole. Essentially, they’re questions you’ve asked in your staff meetings and planning sessions!

How To Attend

When: Every when the need arises. This page will be updated with the next date.

Where: Twitter, using the hashtag #CUQandA

Tools: A Twitter account and your favorite device/service (I use TweetDeck.)

What to bring: We’ll share the question list here. Your role is simply to tell  the great stories from your credit union!

Rules: We’re very strict. Harsh emoji will be used in the case of rule-breakers. Maybe even animated GIFs. All questions will be shared as Q1, Q2, etc. Just answer using A1, A2, etc. and remember to use #CUQandA for every tweet!

Previous Events

June 14th, 2017: #CUQandA Debut!

Topic: Member Engagement Opportunities & Challenges

For the debut conversation, I partnered with Sarah Snell Cooke (@SarahSnellCooke) of Cooke Consulting Solutions.  You may remember when she was the Editor-In-Chief of Credit Union Times.  Talk about someone who knows engagement!


I’m not on Twitter. Can I still join?  By visiting #CUQandA, you can see all the posts as they arrive.  However, to participate, you will need a Twitter account.

Do all my tweets need to include the #CUQandA text?  Yes. This ensures that all other participants can see your contribution!

Will there be a roundup of the event posted following?  Yes. We will share all completed Twitter chats on this page.

I have a question not answered here.  Get in touch directly or contact me through Twitter.

We look forward to learning from you all soon!