The Credit Union Geek is more than glasses and a bowtie. Though bowties are cool.  So how can I help you?

Great question. To answer, let me share my story in one sentence:

I’m a lifelong geek, environmentalist, and science-obsessed entrepreneur focused on overcoming emerging challenges.

Just want to discover my featured speaking topics? You got it!

Experience Pays

That’s just the beginning. What are you looking to learn? Veteran industry insights? Perfect, since my business partner (who happens to be my dad) has been serving the credit union industry for over 40 years. And we chat. A lot.

Not to mention, for over a decade of that, I’ve been working with him!

In fact, I’m the primary writer for our company-hosted Learning Library. We aim to build the largest source of honest, unbiased product guidance for the credit union and community bank world.

You’ll also see me sharing insights on a range of industry content. Here’s a sample:

In The Media:

On The Spot (Article Comments):

4/14/21 – It’s Not You. It’s Me, Zoom.

3/29/21 – Big Tech Making Big Changes That Affect CU Ad Campaigns

3/19/21 – How Compliance Speed Bumps Can Kill Loan Account Applications

1/28/21 – Best 2021 Social Media Content Ideas for your CU

11/27/20 – The Other P Word That Keeps Us Going

8/17/20 – CU Auto Lending: Wake Up. It’s not “your daddy’s Oldsmobile” anymore!

7/27/20 – What If We Turned Branches Inside-Out?

6/9/20 – I Wish

5/8/20 – How Food Insecurity Is Spreading…and What CUs Should Do About It

5/5/20 – Don’t Kid Yourself, We Have Failed!

4/22/20 – Six Ways To Protect Member Data In A Remote Workplace (That Don’t Require IT Support)

4/20/20 – Is Marketing An Essential Function In CUs During COVID-19 Crisis?

3/18/20 – Protect Your Data From Cybercrime With Remote Workers

3/17/20 – Facing Coronavirus: We Need Your Leadership

3/12/20 – Remote Work Must Find a Place In Financial Services

3/2/20 – Consumer Best Practices for Online Shopping

2/11/20 – Can Consent Exist In The Workplace?

12/30/19 – Contactless or Not: Credit Unions Should Really Give It A Thought

6/5/19 – Why the Apple Card is the Gleaming Future of Money

6/4/19 – Millennials for a Jargon-Free Banking World

3/18/19 – Two Strategies for Getting Out of Debt

12/31/18 – Confessions of a White Male CEO

12/31/18 – Why Ally Bank’s CMO is Really Their ‘Chief Disruption Officer’

10/16/18 – Sliders Are Bad For Your CU Website Design

9/7/18 – The Evolution of Overdraft…

9/6/18 – Manage Your Vendors To Protect Your Brand

9/3/18 – On the Digital Transformation Journey with GTE Financial’s Brian Best

8/20/18 – Where’s the Marketing ROI on Financial Literacy Programs?

8/8/18 – Are You Blockbuster or Netflix?

8/5/18 – Mansplaining, Mentoring, & #MeToo

7/30/18 – What Will The Arrival Of Contactless Payments Bring?

7/3/18 – How Windows 10 Will Affect Your CU

5/17/18 – Are Credit Unions Really Good Guys…

5/11/18 – Is the Apple Store Approach the Future…

4/26/18 – #shadesupforkids: How To Spot A Social Media Opportunity

4/26/18 – Breaking News: The CFPB “does not exist”

4/13/18 – 3 Reasons to Ditch Your Credit Cards

4/5/18 – On the Digital Transformation Journey…

4/5/18 – Another Day, Another Breach. Another Opportunity.

4/4/18 – Acting CFPB Director to Congress: Reduce My Powers

3/14/18 – Chipotle Joins Growing List…

3/9/18 – 4 Characteristics of Debt-Free People

3/9/18 – The Silver Bullet for Board Recruitment

2/10/18 – Why I Hate Marketing

2/7/18 – How digital insights and automation… 

1/23/18 – When one (government) door shuts, another opens

1/3/18 – 10 Ways Banks and CUs are Using Virtual Reality

12/4/17 – The top 3 direct growth strategies for 2018

11/21/17 – Bundled checking should be a credit union no-brainer

9/21/17 – The first Apple Pay contracts are up for renewal

9/14/17 – Mentoring: Be the Sensei!

9/6/17 – These common quirks are making you unlikable

9/6/17 – How the new version of iPhone changes everything. Again.

8/30/17 – GAP claims rise: What to watch for

8/29/17 – Is avocado toast holding your Millennials back from a mortgage?

1/24/17 – The Use of AI in Banking is Set to Explode

8/28/15 – How This Card Giant Crushes My Credit Union

Exciting Younger Generations

Interested in the challenges of serving the growing Millennial and Gen Z population? Conveniently, I’m one of the former, and I talk with our younger brethren about what motivates them as well. Here’s a quick tip:

We’re big on “omni-channel engagement”. That means interacting through a wide range of mediums, be it branch, phone, Twitter, Facebook, or website. And we expect your systems to recognize us through them all. (Who enjoys explaining why you’re reaching out over and over?)

Why Credit Unions?

If you’re here, you already know. Credit unions measure their success through helping members achieve their financial goals. You get there by being a profitable financial institution with your staff, member, and community needs at heart. My goal is to help you enhance that member connection.

Sharing Is Caring

There’s always something to learn. By sharing with each other, we can “connect the dots” and come up with something amazing.

Virtual Sessions

Pet cameos encouraged. Did you catch me on:

  • #TheCreditUnionDifference (Presented by 6° MRM)

In Person

Wear your most fun socks! I will! Some past events (linked have roundups):

In between, I’m regularly active @JoeCUGeek or, if you’re looking for a direct connection, LinkedIn, or just get in touch.

A “Credit Union Chat” At Your Next Event

Want another speaker with a long and detailed slide deck, complex charts, and sheets of notes for you to copy? Don’t hire me.

I’m about having a conversation. Let’s call it a “credit union chat”. One where participants are engaged, learning, sharing, and, this is true, ignoring the Facebook alerts on their phone! Plus, you get some Tai Chi relaxation as a bonus!

CU Geek Speaker Promo Header

Speaking Bio & Selected Topics

Get in touch and we can discuss how my brand of presentation may be a fit for your organization.

Some comments from a recent conference:

  • “You definitely had the most passion of any presenter!”
  • “We never really considered how our mission impacted our daily efforts until you forced us to think about it.”
  • “That’s the first session I’ve attended where we did Tai chi!”
  • “Loved the Disney references! And I can’t believe you actually started to sing!”
    • I’m not a good singer, so I’m reconsidering whether this was actually a positive comment.

For Your Publication

My content is published regularly in CU Insight, and on occasion with other industry publications. Like my blog and in-person sessions, I focus on clear and understandable explanation of important topics. Get in touch to discuss further.