The Credit Union Geek is more than glasses and a bowtie.  Though bowties are cool.   I’m also me.  Which I happen to think is pretty neat.

So who’s that?  Here’s my story in one sentence:

I’m a lifelong geek, environmentalist, and science-obsessed entrepreneur dedicated to finding new ways of approaching (and solving) old problems.

If you stop there, you miss a lot of interesting additions.  Like how my business partner (who happens to be my dad) has been serving the credit union industry for over 35 years.  Or that I’ve been doing the same for nearly a decade.  Did you know I first got into this writing effort after conducting in-person presentations at credit union league conferences?  At the time, we were addressing how your credit union can become more environmentally and socially responsible.  Spoiler: A lot of it had to do with embracing your core mission in all areas of operation.

So why credit unions?  If you’re here, you already know.  Credit unions measure their success by how well they do at helping their members grow and achieve their financial goals.  You get there by being a profitable financial institution with your staff, member, and community needs at heart.  I achieve success through connecting with all of you! If I can learn from some and contribute a useful strategy or two to others, then I’m doing just fine! Sure, I look at site metrics, post analytics, and tweet impressions, but, like your credit union, it’s the human element which matters most.

Haven’t heard of me?  That’s ok.  You may have seen me at a credit union conference (GAC, Immersion18 anyone?), but, I’ve spent the majority of time “behind the screen”.  My @JoeCUGeek account on Twitter is seen by tens of thousands of users each month.  All articles are posted on LinkedIn and many are shared ahead of official release by several credit union publications.  I also participate in most “Twitter chats” hosted by NCUF (National Credit Union Foundation), CUNA, and associated partner organizations.  For 2018, I’m “making the transition” to the physical world.  That doesn’t mean I’m abandoning my online presence, rather, both realms will complement each other!  Looking forward to meeting many of you in person as I bring the ideas shared here to your league sessions, national conferences, or other destinations!

Expect a “credit union chat” session different than any you’ve ever experienced.  One which will have you engaged, participating, and, oh yes, ignoring the Facebook alerts on your phone for the entire time!

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