May the Fourth be with you today and always.

In pursuit of Jedi ideals of equity, freedom, and justice in the galaxy, we discuss the future. Not in a galaxy far, far away, but right here. What does the future of this scenario look like?

It’s a complicated question and one which nobody has the complete answer. However, there are some good ideas. Looking at current and historical trends, then extrapolating the most likely path…

No, we’re not going complex formulas and such on you. Let’s keep it simple. My main points:

  • Continuing to serve existing members in a challenging time
  • Managing a remote workforce and the consequences (and opportunities) that come with it
  • Commercial real estate and the coming implosion
  • Fee structures and making sure you’re not punishing those least able to afford it
  • Equity moving forward to empower all while sharing honest and unbiased education

Ok, that’s enough introduction. Just be happy I didn’t use the intro crawl. Hmm, that isn’t a bad idea… Nah, we’re good. May the Four…ahem, the Force, be with you!

What, you don’t have Jedi robes?